ESA Video Archive

The objective of the ESA Video Archive is to provide online access to a wide range of video material.

Over the years ESA has produced and acquired video material and added it first to its tape-based archive.

The tape-based video material is available at:

In addition, this Archive gave also the possibility to download QT & WMV versions of the relevant videos (mostly for previewing reasons)

In the last months, we have converted much of this material to digital format for online viewing and/or download.

The digital video material is available at:

From 2010 onwards, all new footage produced by ESA will be available in digital format from the new Digital Video Archive.

The site is targeted towards two distinct user groups, viz. the general public and professionals (e.g. broadcasters, producers, journalists, etc.). The former will have access to material presented as one integral video per production, while the latter will in addition have access to smaller clips in broadcast quality format. Access to the professional area requires registration and login.

In addition to what is offered online in the Digital Video Archive, you may still search for material only available on tape in the Tape Video Archive. However, there is a cost associated with the provision of tapes. If you make such a request to ESA Video Distribution, you will be notified of the cost and the method of payment in advance. The order will only be processed on receipt of your confirmation of acceptance of these charges.